Scientific Marketing

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing.

Most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers.

The Conversion Heuristic

Scientific Marketing is a field that approaches marketing – the understanding of customer needs, and the development of approaches by which they might be fulfilled – predominantly through scientific methods, rather than through tools and traditional techniques common with research in the arts or in humanities.

In today’s Scientific Marketing, insight is pulled data from numerous research studies and online information, highlighting statistically significant results that were relevant to new technology, the study of people and big data.

This is why you get better results overall.

BLOG: Copy Writing Isn’t Just An Art, It’s A Science

William Dickinson

I have been passionate about everything marketing since 1999. The world has changed dramatically since I started  back then, and the process in helping businesses generate leads is changing every week, but the methodology is still the same… and has been since the early 1900’s. Let me help you discover how easy it can be to generate leads in a digital world!

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The Right Message – At The Right Time

Getting Results & The Secret to Direct Response Marketing

Getting your messages delivered to the right target, at the right time is the key to any marketing campaign – large or small.

In today’s fast-paced world, you have little time to get your message across. However, once you know the secret of doing it effectively, you’ll save time & money!

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William S. Dickinson – Developer, Coach and Consultant

To every project, I deliver almost 20 years of insight into the best practices in today’s marketing. This in turn drives business your way through strategic and carefully constructed messaging and placement.

– 18 Years developing businesses’ online presence
– 18 Years developing business-driven graphics
– 18 Years developing B2B & B2C sales’ collateral
– 17 Years working with SEO and SEM strategies
– 16 Years of SMB and SME Branding Development
– 14 Years of Business Marketing for SMB and SME
– 14 Years general Marketing and Development for B2B and B2B businesses
– 12 Years of Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting
– 9 years implementing new conversion optimization techniques
– 9 Years Social Media & best practices consultation


How Is A Scientific Marketing Plan Developed?

A scientific marketing plan starts with an observation. For example, analyst company Intellidyn recently gathered data about thousands of North Americans. From this data, the company realized that people over the age of 64, married couples, ex-military individuals, and farmers are highly likely to want to travel to Asia. Because of this information, a vacation …

Copywriting isn’t Just an Art, It’s a Science.

Copywriting can seem like a massive obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are five quick copywriting tips that you’ll be able to use to get your message across to visitors quickly and painlessly: Keep your copywriting headlines short, sweet and persuasive — this will show visitors what they will gain by continuing to …

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Let's have a conversation“Too often, a conversation results in wasted time — and nothing productive to show for it. Whether you’ve run into someone at a conference or you have a scheduled call, you can use specific tactics to have a more meaningful conversation.” ~

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