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Your website is your hub for all your online business dealings

As a website and marketing developer, I have found that it is crucial for businesses to understand that having a website or that having an online-presence — no matter whether it is eBay, Etsy, Shopify, — is only one leg of the process and does not equate to online sales. It sets you up for online sales, but it is not the right tool for the next phase of this process.

Think of it like this. A carpenter has a toolbox full of tools, however, even with all those tools, a building will not get built without the carpenter putting his skills to the task.

Regarding your website “Understanding the all the components (the ones that drive conversions) is separate from the build — although still integrated with your overall strategy.” ~ Trevor Greenfield from Redwood SEO

Your WebsiteAlong with your website — other things to think about!

Getting noticed — via SEO, Social Media, — is only part of the plan. In today’s modern marketing, it is crucial to know the different awareness levels of your varying targets so your outbound messaging has the right timing to the intended target. This often overlooked ‘timing’ component is a crucial step.

More information about marketing your website…

Your Website — if designed correctly — will allow you to deliver the right message at the right time; a crucial component of inbound marketing, I suggest you contact me directly and we can chat about you and your business.

If you are looking for more information about marketing your website, I have written about this in two blogs that may interest you.

  1. VISIT: — where I talk about delivering the right message at the right time.
  2. VISIT: — this is about the marketing messages that you will put out

Online Password Security

Poor online password security leaves popular online accounts susceptible to hacking
Online Password Computer Security

Online Password Security experts at Dashlane® have identified the password weaknesses of popular websites – ones you’re probably already using at home and work.

The latest research in online password security also shows that individuals and businesses are equally likely to experience the consequences of poor online password policies.

From July 5 – July 14, Online password security experts at Dashlane® examined 37 popular consumer websites and 11 popular enterprise websites against five password security criteria:

1. Does the website require users to have passwords that are 8 or more characters?
When creating a new account on each website, Dashlane® researchers attempted to create passwords less than eight characters irrespective of the sites’ stated minimum password requirements.

2. Does the website require users to have passwords with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols?
When creating a new account on each website, Dashlane researchers attempted to create passwords with all letters (“aaaaaa”) or numbers (“111111”).

3. Does the website provide an on-screen password assessment meter to show users how strong their password is?
When creating a new account on each website, we wanted to see if the site provided any notification, such as a meter or color-coded bar, they were credited as providing an assessment. Sites that only provided confirmed password length or where requirements were met did not receive credit.

4. Does the website allow 10 incorrect login attempts without providing additional security (CAPTCHA, account lockout, 2-Factor, etc.)?
Dashlane researchers attempted to log in using incorrect passwords. If the tester was able to continue entering incorrect credentials after 10 attempts without receiving any security mechanism, such as a CAPTCHA code or the account automatically locking, the site did not receive credit.

5. Does the website have support for 2-Factor Authentication?
A website was given credit if they offer any two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

In the study, a website received a point for each criterion they performed positively, for a maximum, and top score, of 5. A score of 3/5 was deemed as passing and meeting the minimum threshold for good password security. SOURCE:

Dashlane® is the is the only online password manager and secure digital wallet I recommend. It is because they are the best!

It keeps track of all your passwords, and auto-fills all forms including logins and checkouts. 

For online password security, Dashlane® uses military-grade encryption and never stores your master key anywhere.

Without it, no one can unscramble and use your passwords.

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Marketing Your Business Is Like Farming

Marketing your business is like farming — planning, patience, and diligence, will bring you reward. 

Marketing Your Business — Content Marketing Banner

While physical marketing still exists, content marketing is how marketing predominantly happens today. So in marketing your business, you must plant the seed for your ideal customer to see; then maintain the best practices available regarding landing pages & content; and last but not least, stay on task to navigate the natural disasters.

This process is crucial to the results that most are looking to achieve. In fact, the parallels between marketing and farming are almost identical.

“Many people hope that inbound marketing will provide a quick fix for their marketing and sales goals; however, like food, it takes time for potential clients to be ready to buy.” ~ Lydia Di Francesco — Marketing and Brand Awareness Expert

So “How do I start” you may be thinking… simply read on.

The Start Of Marketing Your Business — Plant Your Seed

“Prospects go through stages. Your job is to nurture them like a plant as they move from seed to seedling, to healthy, full-grown, productive, and alive.” ~ Pamela Wilson — Author of Master Content Marketing

Marketing Your Business — Digital Marketing Is Like Farming

As with any business, you must start somewhere — marketing your business in today’s business landscape is no different.

Planting the seed that you are an expert or have the best widget is a process. You must create a way for the message to get to the intended target (i.e. advertising, emailing, etc.), develop compelling content (e.g. a strong benefit-driven message), and enlist a capture mechanism to get gated material.

Maintain The Best Practices Available in Marketing Your Business

“The right sales and marketing strategies play an essential role in the success of your business. Developments in technology have opened up entirely new ways to market and sell products and services. Best practice now involves harnessing the power of the Internet, email and mobile telephony to increase the effectiveness of getting products and services to the customer.” ~ Info Entrepreneurs

Marketing Your Business — Middle of Funnel MethodologyDiscovering what works for marketing your business can be a challenge for many small businesses.  The resources mixed with the budget are often limited; and then there is message creation, timing insight, and the whole ‘what do I do now’ factor. These all play a part in the development of a concise plan and knowing these will help you succeed with marketing your business.

That said, this mid-funnel methodology is broad in scope and often is different for each business. So rather than drone on, I recommend you allow me to talk to you about it at no cost to you.  Set a chat time in 3 clicks via my online calendar.

Stay On Task And Navigate The Natural Disasters

“The best way for your business to cope with a natural disaster is to have a plan before it strikes. Time and clear thinking are luxuries in an emergency situation, which is why it is so important to be prepared.” ~ Government of Queensland, Australia

Marketing Your Business — Business Crisis AheadAnd while [they] are talking about getting your business ready for a natural disaster such as flooding and cyclones, the methodology is the same. 

The reality, not every campaign will work out. There will be some trial and error in the beginning, but this information is super valuable when you go to develop a strategy and business plan that will be the ruler by which you can measure your progress. This plan is the sailing plan by which business owners navigate economic trends, industry forces, natural disasters and other variables.

Have You Heard Of Marketing Your Business With Inbound Marketing?

If you have not been under a rock for the past 5 years, surely you have heard of “inbound marketing”.

In summary, it is the act of setting in place a system that approaches the potential customer with engaging content and compelling CTA’s (calls to action) and drives a potential ‘ideal client’ to your proverbial business doorstep.

That all said, the timing must be right! Download our free guide to help you deliver the right message to the right target at the right time.

July 2017 — Message From The President

2017 will Surely be an interesting year — in fact, I predict that by year’s end, we will not recognize [its] beginning.

Alignment between Marketing and Sales is potentially the largest opportunity for improving business performance in 2017. ” ~ Marketo

2017 Loading BarSo What Does It Take To Market Effectively Within The 2017 Business Landscape?

To simply say that Sales and Marketing departments in 2017 are two very unique entities, underserves the depth of this understanding.

Marketing is more aligned than ever to be able to elicit the engagement, in-turn delivering MQL’s (marketing qualified leads) to the sales department whose job it is to make the offer and ultimately close the deal.

The digital and physical process of marketing is — and has always been — about creating and opening a dialog (albeit rarely a direct conversation) to generate leads/prospects who are interested in your widget or service.

This process typically goes something like this:

  • Marketing
    • Make a plan and strategize the campaign process
    • Determine the message target/s and deliver targeted message/s
    • Create and engage the target with compelling messages
    • Create and engage the target with a strong call to action
    • Track & ID conversion/user engagement
    • Pass the baton to Sales
  • Sales
    • Discover prospect’s “exact problem”
    • Discover prospect’s “solution awareness level”
    • Offer solution/s
    • Ask for the money/close the deal

2017 Strategies — Effective Planning For Aligning Your Sales And Marketing

The balance to the Marketing effort has been how the Sales department can then — with the prospective customer having a high solution awareness level —  provide the offer

“No matter how the CRM industry evolves, getting the sales and marketing teams to synergize is organizational goal number one. Every success grows from their collaboration and free exchange of ideas because you can’t serve the customer right when your best people are working blind.” – Marshall Lager (@Lager), Managing Principal, Third Idea Consulting

New Buying FunnelAt the top of the funnel (TOFU), your audience is aware of your brand. Through marketing, they eventually start to see themselves as friends of your brand – they have a relationship with you and feel that they can trust you.

The middle of the funnel (MOFU) is where the traditional sales funnel begins – with a bunch of names in your system. Not every name in this stage is your friend – someone who is “engaged” has had a meaningful interaction with your company, but a “target” is a qualified potential buyer. When your lead scoring process indicates that it’s time to contact someone, he moves further along in the cycle. After talking to an SDR, that prospect is either moved along as a sales lead or is recycled to the “target” stage for further nurturing.

2017 Lead LifecycleSimilarly, a sales rep decides which leads move forward as “opportunities” at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU), and which leads get recycled back for more nurturing by the team. The sales rep is also in charge (hopefully) of turning the opportunities into very happy customers.

“One way to build trust between Marketing and Sales is to make them accountable for the same company goal – revenue. In our book, Fire Your Sales Team Today, we refer to this blended team as The Revenue Department. Now, Marketing HAS to deliver quality leads, and Sales HAS to follow up on all leads. These two teams work together to understand the challenges associated with turning leads into new customers, and both teams work toward driving more top-of-funnel leads, close more deals, and shorten the sales cycle – all because they want to meet monthly revenue goals.” ~ Mike Lieberman (@square2), Co-founder and Chief Marketing Scientist, Square 2 Marketing

Because Sales has the option to recycle prospects that aren’t ready to move forward, Marketing has to provide good leads and Sales has to follow through. Everyone works together toward the same goal.

Four 2017 Best PracticesFour Best Practices to Ensure Sales/Marketing Alignment in 2017

  1. Shout it from the C-suite.
    The first step in aligning the 2017 sales and marketing teams is to make sure the goal comes from on high within the company, so the very first [step] is an executive agreement.
  2. Create “pushy” content.
    Content marketing’s role, as it concerns sales, is to push potential customers further down the sales funnel before a salesperson even contacts them. Since customers today research purchases in the early stages of the buying cycle, content marketing takes on the education role once held by sales professionals.
  3. Rethink lead gen in 2017
    Lead generation suffers when sales and marketing aren’t aligned, often resulting in a “spray and pray” strategy that wastes everyone’s time, experts say.“There’s a whole process that needs to be in place where prospects come in from marketing, marketing attracts them to the product or service, and then hands them off to sales,” … “Sales is then able to effectively understand the person’s needs and interests and how they can close the deal.” ~ Jeremy Boudinet, Director of Marketing  at Ambition.
  4. Tie ROI to marketing.
    With a properly aligned marketing and sales alliance, marketing gets a huge help in one area that’s long been a challenge — “Reporting ROI”. Marketers’ budgets are increasing every single year, but it’s very difficult for most CMO’s to really tell what their contribution to revenue is because most marketing leaders are still thinking about the number of leads and not showing what we contributed to revenue.

Other Services – In Case You Were Not Aware

There are many “other services” that come up in daily conversations, yet do not get discussed in depth until your challenges are fully discovered.

These “other services” encompass the solving of those challenges — looking at the bigger picture — of doing business in the digital age. Things such as site & transaction security, domain routing, and system & process development (systems that make your business run smoother), are just a few of the ‘bigger picture’ challenges that Cortex Marketing is adept is providing a solution for.

Things such as site & transaction security, domain routing, and system & process development (systems that make your business run smoother), are just a few of the ‘bigger picture’ challenges that Cortex Marketing is adept is providing a solution for.

That said, the lack of discussion for “other services” is almost always because many of our clients already have the foundation established for their business — their branding components, a basic online presence, and a general plan of what their business is all about — and they simply need help establishing specific marketing strategies, plans, and components needed to deliver a better return on their investment.

You Have Choices

“You do other services? I did not know that!”

Of the many “other services” we provide, only a general few are entered into the mix until we know your goals and progress through the discovery process. I did not know thatThat pathway is rarely pre-determined as there are too many variables to solidify those needed components until a plan is being put together.

We provide you with a strategy, designed to achieve the goals you lay out to us, At that time we develop a plan that puts in place the mix you need to get the result you want.

Our 360º Success Team

While delivering a full-service solution — part of the way Cortex Marketing has always brought solutions to the business world — this year we created the 360º Success Team to solve our clients’ issues regarding bigger IT & system solution needs.

The key to our team’s success is how we emphasize creating a solution-based environment where people actually want to be. We believe our corporate culture is a crucial component to achieving success for our clients.

Together Everyone Achieves MoreWhen you engage with Cortex Marketing, we have the strategists, copywriters, designers, programmers and IT specialists, all to ensure that your goals are always maintained and looked at with the latest fresh eyes. This gives us a unique perspective and provides you with what we believe is one of the best customer-service experiences in the entire marketing industry.

The bottom line is that you deserve the results you desire.

If we have fallen short and not delivered the best service on the market, we have failed in our goal. As such we offer this guarantee:

“While we cannot guarantee advertising results, we do guarantee our services. It is as simple as this: “If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. — We will do whatever possible to correct any issue, then attempt to exceed your future expectations. 

5-Star ServiceWe know the value of our clients and recognize that without them, we would not exist. We offer a service with integrity,  a culture where we LOVE what we do, and unparrallelled five-star customer service — and for these reasons, we make our bold guarantee: “If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied!”

So if at anytime you are not satisfied with any part of your experience with us, please give us an opportunity to correct any issues and exceed your expectations in the future — we will make it right even if you are asking for your money back!” ~ William S. Dickinson, President and CEO Dickinson Enterprises, Inc.

‘Our other services can wait’ is our philosophy — your primary goals are our top priority.

Other ServicesHave you ever worked with a company that is always trying to upsell you? Everyone on our 360º team has, and that is what drives us crazy too! Within our culture, we simply want to fit you into the best long-term solution first and foremost. And if we can provide you with advice, coaching, and/or development of other services, we want you to know that you can also trust us with the following business solutions:

  • Website Development (WYSIWYG platforms, WordPress, Custom Programming in Python and HTML5)
  • Landing-Page Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Conversion Marketing Copywriting
  • Website and Marketing-Campaign Analytics
  • Simple and Complex Marketing Campaigns
  • User-Based Technology Guidance (MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, G-Suite)
  • Custom Programming and Technology-Based Process Development (systems to make your business run smoother)
  • System Administration (email, network admin, system hosting)
  • Server set-up and Management (database, SQL, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Business Graphics / Graphic Design (logo development/design, business cards/envelopes/letterhead, etc.)
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • And more… basically, anything to do with marketing and selling yourself online!