Conversion Marketing

Cortex Marketing specializes in “Conversion Marketing” development and provides coaching to businesses with an ultimate goal of creating a lift in new business engagement. We do this by working with our clients to develop the message(s) delivered to your intended target market.

As your guide through this very deep and continually developing field, I look deep into my client’s campaigns (e.g. through email, within their website, and via online media and guide my clients to further understanding the multiple aspects of a strong Conversion Marketing message and its processes.

Conversion Marketing ArchitectureIt is not rocket science, but it is scientific.

There are many marketing agencies that can build you a strategy and a campaign plan, Cortex Marketing is unique in that we examine your business, use your existing or newly developed plan, and then deliver actionable messages and operational tools that you can use to drive engagement.

This engagement process is called Conversion Marketing, it is based on science, and it will deliver more qualified leads to your business.

The Strategy of Conversion Marketing is this:

  • THE PROBLEM: You’ve set up your online business, and your website is experiencing increased traffic. People are finding your website easily enough, but not sticking around long enough to purchase anything; it’s like you have a sales floor full of window shoppers.
  • THE SOLUTION: So What’s wrong? It may well be that your external advertising is good, and your search engine optimization is good. Perhaps what you’re lacking is “engaging content”. This is where ‘conversion marketing’ comes into play.

Cortex Conversion Marketing FunnelConversion Marketing refers to tactics that encourage visitors to your website (or other online property), to take a specific action, “converting” a person browsing your website — further down the funnel — eventually turning them into a buyer of your product or service.

I look forward to discussing your Digital Marketing Strategy with you.

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