About William S. Dickinson – Marketing Coach and Developer

William S. Dickinson - Marketing Coach and DeveloperHello, I am Marketing Coach William S. Dickinson, or simply “Will” to most.

I am a passionate b2b and b2c marketing coach and developer, that is driven to deliver to your business, the best lead-generating results possible in your overall marketing efforts.

I do this by drawing from almost 20 years of experience and insight into the best practices in modern marketing — hyper-focusing on the reason ‘why people buy in the first place’. This methodology is called “Direct Response Marketing” and works best for Small/Medium businesses or SMB’s for short.

Direct Response Marketing is a type of marketing that elicits a specific, measured response resulting from a consumer’s direct response to ad copy or a marketing message. Direct response marketing facilitates the delivery of a call to action and outcome via direct or online interaction for immediate feedback and response.” SOURCE: Techopedia

In essence, this focus on the target’s emotions, drives business your way through strategic and scientifically constructed messaging and placement, delivering the results of a dramatic lift of inbound leads for your business.

Cortex Marketing develops, coaches, and works with SMB clients all over North America (their testimonials) to deliver the right message, at the right time.  My scientific approach to marketing, creates an overall lift in online marketing qualified leads for your business.

Here are my marketing coach areas of expertise:

– 18 Years developing businesses’ online presence
– 18 Years developing business-driven graphics
– 18 Years developing B2B & B2C sales’ collateral
– 17 Years working with SEO and SEM strategies
– 16 Years of SMB and SME Branding Development
– 14 Years of Business Marketing for SMB and SME
– 14 Years general Marketing and Development for B2B and B2C businesses
– 12 Years of Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting
– 9 years implementing new conversion optimization techniques
– 9 Years Social Media & best practices consultation