Are you using a Sales or a Marketing Message?

Your marketing message is a crucial component in reaching your target customer.  The first thing to do, however, is to identify all customer benefits because this will in-turn generate interest.

Marketing Messages and Sales Messages

STEP #1 How to Target Your Market By Answering 3 Questions.

Copy-Boarding is an exercise in benefit clarification. Copy-Boarding consequently flips sales-objections into benefits.

Marketing Message - Copy BoardingThis can easily be done with a simple exercise and if you are reading this, you are in luck; sign up here for a complimentary coaching session on copy-boarding.

So Are You Using a Sales or Marketing Message?

First of all, what are your tactics?

  • “Tactics are the actions you take to implement your strategy. Think about these carefully so you can determine what response you’re trying to generate from your target audience. For example, you might want them to:
     – Go to your website to get more information.
     – Fill out an online survey.
  •  – Call to speak with a salesperson.
  •  – Request that a salesperson call them.
     – Attend a free webinar.
     – Download a free white paper.
     – Call for more information.
     – Agree to a sales meeting or presentation.
     – Attend a free seminar or workshop.
     – Request a free product demo.
     – Take a 30-day free trial of the product.
     – Refer your services to others in your target market.
     – Become an affiliate and sell your products and services.
     – Buy the product with a credit card.”
    Excerpt is from Robert W. Bly’s book The Marketing Plan Handbook.

Marketing Message DartsMarketing messages are different because of the approach you deliver to the prospect.

Most noteworthy in sales vs. marketing messages — while both are aimed at increasing revenue — most don’t realize the difference between the two. This is mostly because most small organizations have too few employees to separate the two.

Marketing is the lead-up and into benefits for the prospective buyer; how it will affect them after they buy and start using. Sales simply is the offer; the guarantee; the close of the deal.

And regardless of the size of an organization, an alignment to your messaging must have continuity through sales and into the aftersale (or customer service). This is where Social Media is a crucial component to your strategy and effort-mix.

Are you still wondering about the effectiveness of your Marketing Message?

Seems like, maybe, take you should this quick 1-question-quiz.

? Select your answer for whether or not you are happy with the online "marketing copy" you are using.Question #1: Are You Using a Sales or Marketing Message?

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